In 2018, health plans will be challenged to ensure that they are delivering targeted marketing and communication messages to reach members where they are. To address new trends in the market, Strategic Solutions Network is combining our two successful events-- "Health Plan Direct- To-Consumer and Group Marketing Innovations" and "Member Engagement Innovations for Individuals and Groups" into one forward-thinking program.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Irving Albrecht

VP, Marketing & Retail Sales
Friday Health Plans

Tracy Faigin

Chief Marketing Officer
Vantage Health Plan

Billy Justice

Director, Marketing and Sales
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan

DeAndre Lipscomb

Vice President, Marketing & Community Outreach

Jordan Mauer

EVP of Marketing & Engagement
HealthNow New York

Sean Radlich

Manager, Digital Experience
MVP Healthcare

Mark Santiago

Vice President for Retail Outreach
ConnectiCare, Inc.

Heidi Sirota

Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan

Erika Thrubis

Manager of Member Experience
UPMC Health Plan

Patrick Tracy

Senior Director, CHIP, Individual Advantage, and Marketplace

You've spoken, we listened... and now we present the most important Health Plan marketing innovations for 2018!

"Health Plan Innovations for Marketing and Member Engagement" has brought together leading health plan marketing leaders to show you how to transform your marketing in 2018 by utilizing market insight data to determine member wants and needs to create tailored marketing and engagement strategies to increase enrollment, drive behavior change, transform the consumer experience, and build brand loyalty.

Specifically, you'll hear case studies and perspectives from leading health plans in the marketing and member engagement space. You'll learn how leading plans are:
  • Harnessing Artificial Intelligence: Applying Big Data to Gain Insights into Member Behaviors, Preferences and Attitudes to Optimize Marketing ROI
  • Developing an Actionable Segmentation Strategy: Ensuring Clear, Targeted, and Differentiated Messages, Strategies and Tactics for Each Segment
  • Crafting Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Messages to Drive Enrollment, Member Retention, and Behavior Change
  • Targeting and Distributing to Subsidy Eligible Individuals: Responding to the Elimination of Cost Share Reduction Subsidies
  • Leveraging Member Education, Outreach, and Incentive and Reward Tools and Strategies: Promoting Healthy Behaviors, Encouraging the Use of Wellness Benefits, and Driving Member Satisfaction.
  • Leveraging Digital Marketing to Acquire and Engage Members: Creating Targeted Social Media and Mobile Outreach Strategies
  • Developing Targeted Outreach Strategies Based on Data Analytics: Leveraging Propensity Modeling to Identify Members Most Likely to Engage to Boost Plan Performance
  • Ensuring a Positive Onboarding Experience: Creating a Simple and User-Friendly Welcome Strategy that Drives Member Satisfaction
  • Transforming the Member Experience: Creating More Meaningful Customer Relationships by Proactively Engaging Members at Each Point of Interaction.
  • Creating a Culturally Competent Communication Strategy that Resonates with Your Target Market.
  • Leveraging Grassroots Outreach Strategies: Building Community Involvement through Strategic Partnerships.
  • Ensuring Effective Brand Positioning to Create Awareness, Credibility and Trust
  • Using Product Innovation to Build Brand Loyalty, Directly Improve Population Health and Impact Consumer Directed Care
  • Developing a Member-Centered Retention Strategy: Identifying and Addressing Causes of Disenrollment and Launching a Multi-Channel Messaging Campaign at the Point of Renewal
  • Promoting Member Engagement in High-Risk, High-Cost Populations: Identifying Those at Risk and Developing Targeted Care Strategies and Models to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs
  • Bridging the Gap Between Health Literacy and Member Engagement: Communicating Simple, Clear Explanations for Complex Issues
  • Leveraging Technology to Personalize Member Engagement and the Customer Experience
  • Fostering Two Way Communication Between the Member and the Plan to Support Consumer Decision Making

Branding and media buying alone doesn't work in the new complicated and ever-changing world of Health Insurance. But the monumental task of revamping your infrastructure to implement new technologies and build omni-channel marketing campaigns is daunting. Next generation marketing for health insurance is borrowing loyalty-building programs from top retailers, the hospitality industry, financial services and others to move from tactical open enrollment programs to the strategic initiatives that deliver measurable and sustainable results. Don't miss this definitive event! We look forward to seeing you in San Diego in July!

Who Should Attend:

From Health Plans, ACOs, Health Systems:

Chief Product Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Consumer Officer, Chief Engagement Officer; VPs, Managers and Directors of Product Development, Marketing, Market Development, Market Analysis, Innovation, Business Development, Retention, Product Architects, Consumer Marketing, Member Engagement/Experience, Retail, Communications, Employer Marketing, Technology Related to Product Development & Marketing

Also of interest to:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • All categories of Marketing and CRM Marketing
  • IT and Tech Solutions Integration
  • Systems & Software related to Product Development and Marketing
  • Member Relations/Retention
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